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We specialize in SEO consulting and implementation. Using our proven methods, we aim to bring your business more customers, more profit, and broader horizons. We pride ourselves in taking hardworking businesses and giving them an edge over their competition by increasing both their brand awareness and overall visibility. What makes us different is that we are results oriented and nothing defines a good job’s work for us more than improving a client’s bottom line.

Because not all business relationships are compatible, our personal approach to cases we handle may not be for every business. We begin our process by attempting to blend the best qualities of a client’s business with our own. This is a very important, foundational step. Our policy is to never take a case we either are uncomfortable with or do not believe in. It is very important that any consultant has a strong affinity for what they are representing. Otherwise, the work they perform, we perform, will be nothing but artificial.

From there, if a beneficial match can be determined, we immediately move to optimizing our client’s company’s web presence.  


Our Services:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our primary service, this is the process of configuring (optimizing) your company website and other online properties for maximum cyberspace visibility. Google and other search engines can only see as well as you allow them to. We here at Move You Up help them to understand what your business is and what it is about or does. The more clearly search engines can define these parameters, the more credit (visibility in searches) they give to your business. The higher your visibility is in searches, the more often your business will be considered first, called first, and visited first. If you are dissatisfied with your current rankings, it is likely that your site needs professional attention—as SEO goes far beyond simply putting your company’s products and services in your site’s title/content.

Keyword Research/Selection: Although most companies can define a small set of keywords they would like to rank for (such as “Dentist in Raleigh NC”), they often cannot find the time to do sufficient research in other, sometimes more effective keywords. We provide assistance with this and can help in the process of uncovering more high-traffic words and phrases. Many times, there are easier keywords to rank for which will bring the same amount of traffic (or more) but can be obtained in less time. One way or another, about 80% or more of the time we spend as an SEO agency is related to keywords/keyword research in some way.

Social Media Management: An often overlooked and even more often under-utilized tool is social media. We start by assessing your company’s current social media presence and then provide various services to optimize it for branding and traffic routing purposes. Networks like Facebook allow you to spread the word of your company’s prominence in the industry, sort of like showing you are “here, there, everywhere.” Also, this part of the process is a very natural step in establishing your brand. If you feel confused by what this means, take a few minutes to search some of the well-known networks for big-name brands like Coca-Cola. You will see that they are everywhere. Pretty much, if all you have is a Facebook and Twitter, your business can greatly benefit from this service. And if you have less than that, then this service is a must.

Citation Management: Most businesses have at least 1 or 2 citations in their portfolio (network listings such as those on Yelp or Google My Business). However, there are several techniques that most businesses are unaware of. We work to build their profiles up and maximize their effectiveness in generating leads and providing contact information. A business with more powerful citations is almost always viewed as more legitimate.

Competition Monitoring: We take a serious approach to business in general. So too is our attitude towards competition serious. When working to improve clients’ sites and web reputations, we keep a sharp eye on the other businesses that are targeting the same keywords/niches. With the preliminary analysis of our case already studied, we must know our competition. It is also important for a client to understand what it will take to secure those coveted top rankings—outranking and unseating other businesses along the way. Using techniques similar to those used to analyze a client’s site, we analyze the competitors as well. This allows us to mark a better-defined path and estimate the time it will take to achieve the rankings we seek.


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